Residential Services

Structural Consultations

Whether you're adding a hot tub to your deck or building an entirely new home, we can make sure your structure is built to last. Consultations can vary from a simple drop-by to ensure the wall you're about to knock down won't cause your house to collapse to preparation of a full structural set of plans to submit to the city for a building permit.

Structural Inspections

For a simple flat fee, we can investigate the general structural stability of your home or a home you're interested in purchasing. Using specialized equipment and our experienced background in building design, we can collect information about the behavior of a structure and make an assessment of its overall stability.  The findings will be provided in plain terms in a detailed structural report sealed by a licensed professional engineer.

Permanent Foundation Certifications for Manufactured Homes

We can provide certifications for foundations necessary for obtaining secondary financing on manufactured homes. Our staff is intimately familiar with the Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Housing Guide (HUD Handbook 7584; 4930.3G) and the related ASCE, CABO, IRC, FHA, VA, RD, and HUD requirements.

Cistern Inspections

Certifications verifying an existing cistern is withing the requirements of DEQ Circular 17 and ARM 17.36.

Septic Drain field Design & Permitting

For either local or state review, we can assist with the design and permitting required to install a new septic system. 



Commercial and Industrial Services

Structural Design and consulting

We provide a variety of services for the commercial and industrial industries. Call us today and see how we can help you achieve your project goals.